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Core Program

The MyRoad Core Training and Mentoring Program will help train the next generation of scientists to mobilize new and emerging evidence into practice and policy. Providing future researchers with a perspective broader than their specific field of expertise will improve health outcomes, reduce the burden on healthcare systems, and improve the lived experience of those affected across their lifespan.

This program consists of individual online courses prepared and reviewed by experts from the consortium, in addition to approved experiential learning episodes. The Core Training and Mentoring Program will be enriched by a multitude of additional learning opportunities arising from the combination of activities from the supporting organizations, allowing personalization of the learning pathway.

Certifications will be delivered upon completion of and successful learning assessment for each of the three following training levels:

Core training and mentoring program overview


Leveraging the activities and expertise that already exist in the supporting organizations combined with the assessment of needs, the Core Training and Mentoring Program will address highly sought-after skills under four categories:


Skills targeted by the core training and mentoring program

The content of the fundamentals levels is designed to be completed mostly individually over a period of one semester and is offered continuously.

Current concpets content of the fundamental level


Cross-sectional skills content of the fundamental level


Managerial skills content of the fundamentals level


Career strategy content of the fundamental level

To be launched soon.

To be launched soon.