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Survey on Training and Mentoring Needs


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Jun. 12
to July 15

The new training and mentoring platform ‘Maximise your Research on Obesity and Diabetes’ (MyRoad), in collaboration with its main network partners CIRTN, CMDO, CNS, DAC, DREAM, IMPART and OC, wishes to create Canada’s largest health research training platform in the area of obesity and diabetes, with the mandate to help trainees and early career investigators (ECIs) develop into competent, interdisciplinary team members who can collectively address the complexity of obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases.

We are pleased to invite students and ECIs from our partnering networks and other MyRoad collaborators to complete the Survey on the Training and Mentoring Needs of Graduate Students and Early Career Investigators. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The participants will have a chance to win one of two $500 travel/conference awards. The survey will be available online until July 15th, 2023. We will send a reminder in two weeks with an update on the number of responses.

This survey will help to:

1- Characterize the profile and learning needs of the next generation of students;

2- Identify facilitating factors and barriers to job market integration;

3- Establish strategies and courses of action to facilitate better integration into the job market.


If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Mélanie Nadeau at